It just happened.

We started out by helping one person.  One then led to many others. Through years of researching the various toxins that are allowed to be used in our skin products, foods, home cleaners, and pet products, we became very concerned about our health and safety. We decided to make our own clean and natural products for the health and safety of our family.replica tag heuer carrera caliber 5 silver dial mens watch war215dbd0784 We began to share with other families and the products helped their families. We started to see changes happen: people were feeling better, people were healing, people beganasking for more items to fill the needs of their family members.  Through these processes, we continued to learn, grow, research, and repeated. Finally, we decided to teach others how to do it themselves. We taught them how to change their lives and empowered them with healthy choices for developing self-reliant health practices to recover and heal.  One major “ah-hah” moment we discovered from all of our experiences and learning was our body will heal itself if we care for it properly and allow it to restCaring for our bodies means removing all toxins, harsh synthetic chemicals, and needless additives that destroy our cells and make us sick.

Life can be simple as we use clean and safe products for our health and wellness. We must keep the ingredients clean, simple and safe for all products that are applied topically and taken internally.what's huckleberry taste like

PureSoapsAndCandles is just that – clean & natural.

Made by nature.  

We are grateful for your support and business. We receive so much happiness from your enjoyment and give all the Glory to our Lord for what He has accomplished in our lives and ask Him that He blesses each of you. 10% of all proceeds go to missions and our C.H.I.L.D. non-profit.