How we got started?


We are a family owned and operated business that began in 2012 with a passion for wellness and better heath. We were tired of purchasing retail body products that created mood swings, headaches, hives, along with many other side effects that our family and friends suffered from after using those products. We decided we wanted healthy body care products.

Our children were a major concern. Our collective families and friends have adopted and raised several special need children. We found that using natural and pure body care products along with natural home products improved their moods and behaviors. These improved results inspired us to share and the company began….

Our company uses only the highest quality organic products, practices sustainable production, local sourcing, American production, and the hiring of special needs adults. We believe in giving back to our community and are dedicated to giving back 10% of all our profits to missions and non-profits from each sale. Learn more about which organizations we support.


We currently make a variety of body care and home care products. Many are available on this website. Products with a shorter shelf life can be custom ordered from our web store. On the Pure Soaps And Candles site, we offer an amazing line of clean burning candles inspired by Mother Nature. In fact, all our plant-bases are made by nature.

Our Southern Blaze wood wick lotion candle is extremely popular for its unique benefits including; the amazing true to nature aromas, crackling wood wick sound while burning, rich moisturizing lotion ability, and its slow burn time due to its purity with ingredients- 100% coconut and 100% soy wax blend.

When lighted, the Northern Luminary produces a lovely flame from the dual 100 percent cotton wicks, while the outer frosted glass resembles a luminary body of light. Enjoy this luxury lotion candle when the wax is warm on your hands, feet or body. It’s completely safe to use as a lotion because there are no harsh toxins, paraffin, lead, or synthetic fragrances. We use 100% beeswax, 100% coconut, and a 100% soy wax blend with essential oils and natural aromas for a natural smell that is robust but not overpowering.

Also enjoy our 100% natural goat milk soaps made with essential oils, olive oil, shea butter, and a variety of other earth products. We offer alcohol-free lip balms, no added water 100% natural shea butter lotion bars, and natural solid perfumes.

We make sure that the products you use on your body or in your house are clean, simple, and safe.

Pure Wellness body care clean & simple.