Over 10 Free Candle Guide Ideas

Enjoy over 10 free candle guide ideas to learn about the varieties of candles that are right for your lifestyle. Candles have been used as a source of light for thousands of years.  Learn about the variety of candles materials to the style and containers they are put into.  Come explore a variety of candles with us.

Most cultures relied on candles that were rendered from tallow or animal fat until beeswax was discovered.  They burned clean and pure making it a more favorable candle versus the tallow candles. But beeswax was much more costly so only the wealthy and the church had the means to purchase beeswax candles.  Leaving people to want a more cost-effective light source.

Colonial times brought about the whaling industry that provided spermaceti wax

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Colonial times brought about the whaling industry that provided spermaceti wax.  It didn’t have the putrid smell of animal fat and also provided brighter candlelight.  And it was much cheaper than beeswax candle wax so the average person could make it and use it as a practical light source.

More advancements in candle-making evolved. And in the 19th century Chevreul, a French chemist discovered how to extract stearic acid from animal fats contributing to the development of stearic wax that remains in Europe today.  Stearic wax made it possible for the invention of molded candles. Molded candles allowed more people to afford candles as a commodity when mechanical production was invented. Now pillar candles could be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles thanks to molded candles.

Over 10 Free Candle Guide Ideas

Paraffin wax was introduced in the mid-1800s that is derived from petroleum; a gasoline byproduct

Paraffin wax was introduced in the mid-1800s that is derived from petroleum; a gasoline byproduct.  Petroleum candle wax became more economical to produce although it had a higher melting point. A higher wax melting point meant the wax burns faster.  Candlemakers could finally increase their business due to the reduction of the length of candle burn time.  However, a downside of using petroleum, also called paraffin, was its toxins, soot, and carcinogens that are released while burning.

The candle industry slowed once again during the advent of the light bulb. Introduced in 1879, the light bulb reduced the need for practical candle use.  Candles were revived in the 20th-century. By the 1980s, candles were being used as decorative items, gifts, and for ambiance. They boomed into many shapes, sizes, and colors most likely due to the interest in its new aroma output in scented candles.

New plant wax options include soybean, ragweed, coconut, and palm wax

New plant wax options include soybean, ragweed, coconut, and palm wax began emerging in the early 2000s. These new plant wax options included soybean, ragweed, coconut, and palm wax. With the new advances and development, candles \ continued to grow in popularity. Now more than a billion pounds of wax per year is used in producing candles in the US alone.

In this 10 free candle guide ideas, you will find an assortment of the candles available today and many ideas for how to use the various candles throughout the home, office, and for events or special gifts.

A flameless candle idea includes candles that look like pillar candles but are not lit with a flame.  Flameless candles generally have a LED light.  This non-fire LED flame usually has a moveable wick that flutters and catches your eye.  Many even come with remote controls. They’re battery-powered and made to flicker.

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Some families with young children like flameless candles for their safety because it avoids being a fire hazard with children.

Flame-less candles also come in taper candles design.  Taper candles are the longer candles usually used on dinner tables and they are generally battery operated.

Tea light candles are mini candles that are usually used in groups. Tea light candles come in traditional flame or battery-operated varieties.

A little larger than tea lights are the votive candles. Usually a couple of inches tall, they burn longer than the tea lights and are recommended to burn in a container. They are available in scented and unscented varieties with a wide range of colors. The votive candles also come with wick or battery-operated versions.

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And of course, most everyone will know about birthday candles. They are generally very small and thin with varieties of colors, shapes, and designs. There are numbers for special birthdays and there are the infamous trick candles that relight after being blown out. Others will even sparkle as they are lit.

Floating candles can be very attractive and a safe alternative as they are floating in the water where you don’t have to worry about wax spilling on the table or another surface. They are usually smaller and used for various events with a shorter burn time.  However, pool floating candles are growing in popularity and can be quite a fun and elegant way to decorate a night pool party event.

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Speaking of outdoor candles, they can come in many varieties of designs and styles.  From hanging tree candle lights to practical citronella insect repellents. Outdoor candles can also make great decorations for the patios and outdoor living spaces with a multitude of holders.


Candle Resource Guide outdoor candles

Over 10 Free Candle Guide Ideas outdoor candles

Over 10 Free Candle Guide Ideas outdoor candles

Chandelier candles are another lovely option for the home with indoor and outdoor options available for a nice centerpiece attraction.







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The chandelier candles come in traditional, battery-operated, and electrical led bulb options.

One of the prettiest ways of decorating your wedding is with candles. Wedding candles have countless ways to personalize them with a special touch on the wedding day. Unity candles are used in a wedding ceremony to unify couples.  The couple lights the candle to signify their love, devotion, and unity.   Wedding candles might also include flower wreaths with exquisite candle centerpieces.

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Should you have a concern about having a lit candle in your home, consider a candle that comes in a pot, glass, jar, or other types of high-walled vessel. Generally, these candles are hand-poured into the container. This avoids the candle from falling out or coming loose from the jar. They will usually come with a lid and makes it easy for storage and also to prevent them from releasing their scent when not being burned. You will be sure to find colors, shapes, sizes, and scents that will make your space cozy.

Our 10 free candle guide ideas include candles set ideas.  Candle sets offer the option of a greater impact as you place a number of them together. Candle sets are designed to look great together and many people like burning multiple candles with the same scent in different containers. This avoids the scents competing with each other and makes it easy to change scents depending on your mood or the ambiance and mood you want to create for friends or guests. Along with the sets, you can also add some flair to the décor with specialty candle vessels.

Candle vessels come in a variety of styles and materials.  A safe vessel material is the use of a repurposed mason jar candle.  These craft-looking candles are made of glass and offer the opportunity to repurpose the container for a number of unique uses after the candle wax is finished.

In the late ’80s, candles sparked an increased interest in home decor with its addition of exotic aromas

Over 10 Free Candle Guide Ideas - mason jar candlesIn the late ’80s, candles sparked an increased interest in home decor with its addition of exotic aromas.  Candles were fragranced with a variety of synthetic aromas.

Today, consumers are looking for healthier options.  Plant-based candle wax is a great carrier for using essential oils to create a natural aroma.  These plant waxes offer a low heat index so they are very slow burning waxes.

Candles with soy or coconut wax blends and often beeswax blends may contain combinations of essential oils.  Essential oils are made from extraction from plants, flowers, herbs, roots, and seeds.  These oils offer a robust clean aroma that is the authentic representation because it comes directly from that plant.

Today, candles come in a wide range of unique blended scents from citrus and floral, fruity and earthy, minty and sweet, to spicy and warm.   Food-inspired and holiday smells are also very popular.

For those looking for 100%, natural candles the plant-based wax, essential oils aromas are not the only items to consider

For those looking for 100%, natural candles the plant-based wax, essential oils aromas are not the only items to consider.  A true natural candle needs to have an organic candlewick made from wood or cotton.  Wood wicks in candles offer a clean-burning option because they don’t put off the soot that lead-based wicks put out when burning.  Wood wicks also add a unique crackle sound that is enjoyable while burning.  Read more on how to shop for quality candles. 

Some of the candles will have a wood wick paired with a cotton wick to create a dual wick for easier lighting.  A quality produced candle offers all these special features which give the consumer an enjoyable experience while using the candle.

Our last over 10 Free Candle Guide Ideas include natural, clean-burning wood wick candles that also double as a lotion candle!  These candles can be used as a lotion when the wax is melted. Being 100% pure and clean makes these candles a healthy option.  Try PureSoapsAndCandles 100% clean-burning coconut blended wax candle.  Offering over 50 aromas in the Southern Blaze coconut blended wax candle or 35 different aromas in the Northern Luminary beeswax blended candle collection these candles are an attractive and better air quality option for your home or office.