Clean indoor air with natural odor reducing candles

Clean indoor air is good for your health.  We are spending an average of 90% time indoors and we want to share how good smelling, natural odor reducing candles can eliminate bad indoor smells and clean indoor air to provide a healthy environment.

Why we seek nice pleasant smells

We seek nice aromas because they enrich our surroundings and hence produce stronger, more joyful memories. Because the nerve that connects our sense of smell to the amygdala, the brain area associated with emotional memory, enjoyable fragrances have this effect. Having a good smelling environment will leave happier and stronger lasting memories. This inflow from a positive environment is good for your workplace and customers.

We crave pleasant smells as a way of reducing mental afflictions that we deal with on a regular basis.  Life offers us a variety of stressors and pleasant smells help us to ease our emotional system. Regardless of what is going on around us, finding ways to keep our senses satisfied is a terrific approach to maintain balance and inner calm. Negative thoughts, for example, are frequently evoked by foul odors, adding to tension and irregularity. This reaction can add to anxiety, fear, or irritation.   Alternatively, a natural odor reducing candle can cleanse the air and provide an uplifting aroma to stimulate happy thoughts and positive energy.

We crave pleasant smells because an aroma can conjure up emotions and specific memories. Our Southern Blaze Luxury Wood Wick Cinnamon Bundt Candle might remind you of your grandmother’s kitchen, or Brazilian Oak Northern Luminary Candle as a cologne that someone special used to wear. This happens because the thalamus sends smell information to the hippocampus and amygdala, key brain regions involved in learning and memory.  We can instantly place ourselves at that moment just by smelling something that triggers that memory.

Olfactory Process

 What causes bad indoor odors?

  • Dust
  • Cigarettes or cigars
  • New furniture or products that put off fumes from being sprayed coming into the US
  • Cooking various foods
  • Outdoor air pollution leaking in
  • VOCs off-gassing from paint, furniture, flooring, etc.
  • Pet dander, pet hair, litter box
  • Air fresheners, perfumes, body products with fragrances
  • Older gas stoves and other appliances
  • Dampness and mold growth
  • Carpet, drapes, and other furnishings that collect dust and dirt
  • Teenager’s bedroom
  • Bathroom smells

Neutralize bad odors with natural odor reducing candles

Burning natural candle waxes like coconut and beeswax might help to eliminate odors in the home. Our natural odor reduction candles are also hand-poured using steam distilled essential oils and natural smells inspired by nature. These natural aromas are clean burning for air purification. Many of these aromas will naturally eliminate air odours and leave your home or office smelling clean and fresh.

Nature’s Air Purifiers, Clean Burning Candles

We like to say if, “Mother Nature needed to burn candles she would use our candles”Southern Blaze Wood Wick Lotion Candles and Northern Luminary Beeswax Blended Candles are nature’s air purifiers.  As clean-burning candles, they can clean indoor air and create a more enjoyable environment for fond memories.  Use them to freshen and deodorize a bathroom, kitchen, hotel room, rental property, or office space.

Top odor-reducing plant-based aroma candles

Our top odour-reducing plant-based aroma candle for cleaning and eliminatingGrapefruit Wood Wick Lotion Candle indoor odors in the Southern Blaze Collection is Carolina In my Mind. This candle is made using natural rosemary and lime essential oils. Rosemary is a powerful air purifier.  Its clean herbal aroma blends well with lime which Lime

The Pink Pomelo Grapefruit wood wick lotion candle is high in antioxidants and air purifying properties.  Pink Pomelo Grapefruit is a citrus essential oil that offers air-purifying qualities.  The citrus essential oil has a constituent called limonene which is a powerful cleansing agent that purifies the air.

Beeswax Candles are Natural Air Purifiers

Beeswax candles are natural air purifiers. Beeswax candle wax emits negative ions to purify and cleanse the air.  Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s inherent radiation.

Why are negative ions important? Positive ions in the air make us feel awful, whereas negative ions make us feel good. Your body is exposed to negative ion benefits when you smell the air after a storm. Every one of our Northern Luminary Beeswax Blended Lotion Candles is clean indoor air natural odor-reducing candles.  Choose your favorite aroma and feel better knowing you are getting the best quality candle that will help clean and neutralized the air you breathe.

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