Goat milk soap benefits the skin

Goat that produce goat milk used in goat milk soap

Goat milk soap benefits the skin because it’s an organic product that comes from goats. Like other mammal milk, it is high in natural fats including unsaturated and saturated fats. Goat milk can replace some of the water used in making soaps allowing for a creamier, richer consistency. Goat milk soap benefits include saturated fats which increase the soap’s lather. Unsaturated fats provide moisturizing and nourishing properties that are ideal for a healthier soap.

Goat milk soap benefits the skin because its a natural product that works well with ingredients like plant-based essential oils and herbs.  These natural aromas contribute to a healthier and safer skin bar of soap. Many synthetic soaps add fragrances, parabens, sulfates, triclosan, and dyes to provide an aroma. These additives are toxic and contribute to sickness, headaches, and more serious diseases.  Learn more about the dangers of these synthetic additives.  

Goat milk soap benefits include not stripping the skin of its natural oils

Goat milk soap benefits include not stripping the skin of its natural oils so it’s ideal for sensitive skin types. It offers fatty acids and cholesterol which is what our skin is made up of, so it nourishes our skin preventing dryness or irritation.

Goat milk also is a good source of selenium which is a mineral needed to support healthy skin membranes. Using goat milk soap enhances your skin and can leave it with a natural more youthful feel. (Ref. 1)

Goat milk soap can be used as a natural exfoliant. It offers AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids) which are naturally occurring substances and shown to gently remove the top layer of dead skin allowing for a more youthful complexation (ref. 1). The anti-inflammatory effects of goat milk soap help with the control of acne and rosacea. (Ref 3) Lactic acid is a component in goat milk that gently removes dead skin cells leaving a dead zone for bacteria build-up, which leads to clogged pores and overproduction of excess oil.

When using harsh soap detergents, their agents often remove the good bacteria on the skin. (ref2) This skin bacterium has properties that protect our skin and our body’s immune system from disease and contribute to complete homeostasis.

Vitamin A, in goat milk repairs, damaged skin

In addition, goat milk offers vitamins like A that is necessary for the body to repair damaged skin. Consider using goat milk for sensitive skin.  Vit. A has been shown to provide some psoriasis relief and reduce wrinkle lines and acne. Thiamine and Vit. B6 helps with skin growth and minerals like magnesium and potassium provide for a balanced pH in the skin. (Ref. 4)

We should think of using goat milk soap as a daily vitamin for our skin

You will get the value of all these health benefits plus the added savings of a longer shelf-life soap. Goat milk soaps typically last longer than bar soap. Pure Soaps And Candles uses 36% goat milk in our soaps.  Our goat milk bars average 35-40 body washings because we offer a high goat milk percentage.   And our solid soap goat milk bars don’t get mushy in the shower.

If you care about your environment, you will enjoy knowing you won’t damage your water system or septic system using natural and pure goat milk soap.

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