Healthier goats mean better goat milk soap

Healthier goats mean better goat milk soap. To get the healthiest possible goat milk, with the highest concentration of nutritional value, we have to start with healthy goats.  We found that Kiko goats, originally bred in the wild of New Zealand, and breeder them with our goats produced a healthier breed.

Pure Soaps And Candles Wild Honeysuckle goat milk bar soap
Healthier goats mean better goat milk soap

…..the results are better goat milk skincare products

The Kiko breed offered a parasite resistance gene.   When bred with our goats made for a natural hybrid breed without the need for deworming.  This new breed helped us produce some of the highest concentrations of nutritional goat milk. These goats produce healthy offspring and the results are better goat milk skincare products.

Goats love basking in the sunshine and green pastures.  We provide large open grass pastures where our goats can soak in the sunshine and eat organic grass.  This method achieves a number of objectives: it allows goats to live a natural life in lovely meadows while eating natural foods. This improves their lives.  They live happier, and healthier while producing natural milk for our amazing goat milk soaps. The result is healthier goats mean better goat milk soap.  natural goat milk soaps.

Natural goat milk in ingredients is on the rise

People are adopting and using more Goat Milk Soap for healthier face and skincare products.  Natural goat milk in ingredients is on the rise and farmers are happy to oblige.  The increase of goat milk production on farms has risen to 20% in 2020.  Goats used exclusively for milk production were approximately 12% in 2012. Consumers are increasingly looking for higher-quality skincare products that also give nutritional, health, and environmental benefits, as evidenced by this expanding trend over the last decade.

Pure Soaps and Candles main focus is on nutritional and health benefits.  We use a higher percentage of goat milk in our goat milk soaps.  Pure Soaps and Candles uses an impressive 36% of natural goat milk in each of our bar soaps. This equates to 1.8oz of goat milk per bar.  You will find this to be impressive as you look around and research other soaps that proclaim to be goat milk soaps. Learn more about the benefits of goat milk soap for the skin and the benefit of more goat milk in the soap.

Healthier goats mean better goat milk soap

Better goat milk soaps include healthy ingredients

Goat milk isn’t necessarily the most important ingredient in our goat milk soaps.  It’s just one of many important ingredients that make up our super healthy, natural goat.  Better goat milk soaps include healthy ingredients.  We add really healthy ingredients like coconut oil and olive oils.  These plant nut oils deliver premium moisture characteristics and high concentrations of antioxidants.  Studies show coconut and olive oils provide antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes.  Olive oil also delivers vitamins A, E, K along with amino acids.  These plant oils offer skin barrier repairs as written in this NCBI study. 

Another fantastic ingredient is shea butter, which protects the skin’s natural oils. With its various vitamins, fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties, it also softens and protects the skin.

To make our soaps smell fabulous while keeping with the purity of our products we included only plant-based steam distilled essential oils and herbs.  The steamed distilled essential oils provide aromatherapy without exposure to synthetic fragrances and avoid using parabens and phthalates which are linked to numerous health problems.  Clays and activated charcoal is the other supernatural ingredients used in our goat milk soaps.  The herbs and clays offer positive benefits.  Herbs and clays help soften the skin, added cleansing agents, and provide natural color to our goat milk soaps without using any harmful dyes or titanium dioxides.

Goat milk soap is usually safe for everyone including more sensitive skin with children. To rule out any possible sensitivities, do a skin test the first time you use it. Note that goat milk soap is not a substitute for eczema or psoriasis skincare products prescribed by your doctor.

Our goal in using higher quality ingredients is to provide quality products to promote better health and wellness for you and your families. Pure Soaps and Candles has 23 goat milk hand-made soaps to choose from and don’t forget our luxurious goat milk foaming soaps.