New Impressive health benefits of Chickweed

Let me tell you how I have fallen in love with amazing herb due to the new impressive health benefits of chickweed. Most people think of chickweed as a weed menace. Its ability to be a pesky hyper-spreader weed has most gardeners wanting to remediate chickweed from their gardens and lawns. It’s probably because most people don’t understand the value of this edible plant.  Let’s explore chickweeds’ positive traits and you be the judge if chickweeds’ health benefits outweigh the menace.

Chickweed is commonly thought of as a weed but it’s actually a herb called chickweed (Stellaria media).  The new info on the impressive health benefits of chickweed should certainly cause you to pause before ridding it from your garden or yard.  First, what is chickweed? Chickweed is a common plant that is found in gardens and yards all over the world. And it’s believed that it originated in Europe, but today you will find it all over North America, Asia, and other continents.

Chickweed is a pretty deep green colored plant with star-like white flowers. In fact, another common name for chickweed is starweed.  That may not be enough to keep this low sprawling crawler around but the health benefits might change your mind.

New Impressive health benefits of Chickweed

Chickweeds health benefits include being an accelerant with the healing of wounds

Chickweeds’ benefits include being an accelerant with the healing of wounds.  Native American Indians would ground up the weed into a paste that was applied to the wound.  This plant may have been used for wounds because it also has pain-reducing effects and anti-inflammation properties also aiding in the healing process.

New Impressive health benefit of Chickweed; is it’s rich in vitamins

New impressive health benefit of Chickweed; is it’s rich in vitamins. This edible plant is rich in vitamins and can be consumed raw or cooked.  Add to a salad or enjoy on a sandwich, or ground up as a tea.  All of its above-ground parts are edible including the leaves, stems, buds, and flowers.  The taste to me is semi-sweet when I first taste them with a slight tart finish.  Consuming chickweed gives several health benefits as both an aide with weight loss as well as an inflammation reducer. It’s a natural source of vitamins, B, C, and D. And contains flavonoids, triterpenoids, and saponins.

There are a couple of studies where Chickweed has been observed as a treatment of obesity; The Journal of Ayu and BMC Public Health. BMC reported that obese mice who were fed an extract of Stellarie media for four weeks experienced weight loss despite being fed a high-fat diet. It is believed that mixing the plant-based compound of saponin with water is responsible for this effect.

Chickweed has saponins; a natural detox

Chickweed has saponins. Saponins have an emulsification property that binds with fat-soluble molecules, for example, bile acids.  This reaction in your systems helps eliminate them from the body, preventing cholesterol and toxins from being reabsorbed. Saponins help pull out and wash away unwanted and dangerous toxins from your body.  Saponins are a natural detox.

Chickweed help with a variety of skin conditions

The common topical applications of chickweed help with a variety of skin conditions such as burns (may help first degree or superficial burns in a cool compress), eczema, itchy skin, psoriasis, rashes, wounds, splinters, diaper rash, and contact dermatitis.   Chickweed also offers lots of minerals such as copper, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus. All of these items allow Chickweed to provide an array of therapeutic health benefits. Especially for the skin.  Chickweed has shown benefits for skin conditions, such as rashes and eczema.

New Impressive health benefits of Chickweed

New impressive health benefits of chickweed helpful with the infusing of olive oil

New impressive health benefits of chickweed helpful with the infusing of olive oil.  Infusing chickweed with olive oil is very helpful with symptoms of burns, drawing out splinters, helping a rash, bug bite, or other skin irritations.  There is a synergy that occurs with the infusing of olive oil and chickweed which is why we offer a soap with both ingredients to help ease various skin issues.

The impressive health benefits of chickweed’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-rheumatic, and anti-scorbutic properties make this herb a must ingredient for our products.

We have included chickweed in our new natural hand-poured vegan soap; Tar Heel Chickweed & Oatmeal.  It’s also a wonderful exfoliating bar soap to help rid the skin of dead cells and regenerate new healthy skin tone and growth. It’s also extremely beneficial for skin that has come in contact with chiggers, bug bites, poison ivy, wounds, scraps, or scratches.   Check out this soap on our website at, shop bar soaps