Summertime family memories inspired candle aromas

What makes a summer candle aroma?  When we created our summer candle aromas, we were inspired by nostalgic family memories from backyard picnics.  Our summertime inspired candle aromas were created from those special summer picnic foods, drinks, and summer florals.  These smells helped us remember those special summer moments from our childhood.

Inspired by summer memories 

Fun summer memories inspired us to create candle aromas. Our fun summer memories inspired  us to relive those special times through the aromas of our candles. When I was a kid, we used to have picnics in my grandparent’s back yard with the whole family.  We would have loads of your typical summer foods but what always stood out was the juicy red watermelon.  Watermelon is that iconic summer fruit with a fresh sweet aroma that we had to include in our Red Ripe Watermelon summer candle aroma collection.

Grandma used to make a Strawberry Shortcake that had thick fluffy whip cream.  The strawberries would be soaked in sugar overnight before being loaded onto the soft bed of poundcake.  The berry juice would drip and soak into the cake to make it taste like a perfect balance of vanilla and strawberry.  We wanted to reproduce these aromas in our candle named Strawberries & Cream.

This recipe for Strawberry Short Cake from Driscoll’s is a classic and perfect for summer picnics.

Summertime family memories inspired candle aromas- Grandma's strawberry shortcake
Summertime family memories inspired candle aromas

My aunt would also bring her famous sugar pie.  I wasn’t sure what all was in the pie but it was sugary and smelled amazing.  Hints of cinnamon, vanilla, orange and peach.  Collecting these aromas in a candle made the experience become alive all over again in the wood wick lotion candle called Sugar Pie.

Summertime family memories inspired candle aromas-cinnamon, vanilla, orange and peach pie

Summer candle aroma, the Mint Julep

As a kid, we would always be playing outdoors during these fun summer backyard parties.  The adults would be circling each other chatting away and drinking these colorful mint drinks.  The adults would make us a kid-friendly version of the Mint Julep and we loved pretending we were like the grownups.  Smelling our summer candle aroma,  Mint Julep wood wick candle, made up of lime and fresh spearmint brings me back to reliving the fun summer backyard parties.

Try this Mint Julep kid-friendly recipe for your next family picnic.

Surrounding my grandparent’s home were clusters of deep green gardenias which had the most wonderful white flower.  I used to think I was in a secret garden when I inhaled its sweet robust aroma.  Southern Gardenia wood wick candle and Carolina Jasmine wood wick candle are two very floral summer aromas that are sure to please and help you feel like you’re in your own special indoor garden.

I used to love the long summer days.  There is a summer aroma I recall as a kid and even now as an adult.  It’s the heat of the day, the sun shining on the fruit trees of the season and omitting its sweet fruit aromas mixing with the fresh mountain air.   This perfect combination of aromas was the inspiration for our summer candle called Fresh Mountain Air wood wick candle.

A summer candle aroma of fresh wild blueberries

Picking wild blueberries were always a fun activity for my friends and me.  We loved visiting the nearby farms to help pick berries from the bushes to fill baskets for the day.  These smaller wild blueberries always had a stronger and richer burst of flavor.  A summer candle aroma of fresh wild blueberries has that sweet robust blueberry aroma that brings you to your special memories while burning this Wild Blueberry wood wick candle.

Beach smells signify summer memories for most

It’s hard to think of summer without thinking of the beach.  The beach is the iconic summer trip for most people.  And beach smells signify summer memories for most people.  We think of suntan lotion, coconut, sea sprays, salt, wet sand, which all come together to conjure the best of the beach smells.  There are some beaches that make us especially happy. Those beaches where special family memories were made.  We offer several candles with beach aromas.  All of our beach candles have the same beach smell, but we offer different labels to personalize your special beach including; Holden, Oak Island, Emerald Isle, Outer Banks, and Carolina Beach.

Beach Wood Wick Lotion Candle

Our Lime in the Coconut wood wick candle has a similar aroma to our beach candle except we have added a citrus burst of lime that is like spending a day on the beaches in the Florida Keys or the Caribbean.  And for a more tropical sweet blend, we created Tropical Kiwi which is a fun, fruity aroma wood wick candle.


Crisp Lemongrass wood wick candle doubles as a bug repellent 

Citrus aromas are very popular for summer.  Most people love to burn citrus candles for their bug repellant benefits.  An excellent choice is our Crisp Lemongrass wood wick candle which doubles as a bug repellent.  Lemongrass is similar to citronella but with a more pleasant earthy, lemony aroma that’s fresh and clean.  It’s our most popular outdoor candle due to its mosquito repelling properties, making it ideal for patios, porches, and picnics where small animals are not welcome. The Crisp Lemongrass helps to keep uninvited guests at bay and allows you to enjoy your outdoor activities.

What makes you think of summer? Whether it’s past memories, different kinds of summer foods, or places you think of as a summer location, we have enough variety to make your summer even more special with our Southern Blaze wood wick candles or Northern Luminary Beeswax blended candles.  If you like our Pure Soap And Candle Summer Candles act fast because they won’t be around after August 31st.  Order yours today for 10% off any summer aroma now through August 31st.  Use this code at checkout: Summer10