Southern Blaze Candle Aroma Profiles

Perfume Floral Earthy Spa Odor Reducing
Fruit Hypoallergenic Citrus Holiday Clean

Scent Profile Explanations

Perfume – As our most aromatic candles, these candle aroma profiles offers strong, musky fragrances that resemble perfumes.

Floral/Herbal – Influenced by nature’s amazing floral collection of rose, lily of the valley, wild honeysuckle, geranium, jasmine, gardenia, roman chamomile, lavender, rosemary, sage, and patchouli.

Earthy – These candle aroma profiles are influenced by the natural, earthy smells of moss, wet soil, mist from an early spring rain, grass and the fresh aromas of being outdoors.

Spa – Enjoy a spa day at home with this collection developed for calming and soothing the soul. Stress melts away while inner peace takes over and soothes the sympathetic nervous system.
Use for grounding during yoga or meditation sessions as well.

Spicy – Delight in a bit of spice with this collection. These candle aroma profiles are not overpoweringly spicy, just a bit of sass to spice up the top notes and give a different take on your favorite smells.

Fruity –We use only pure essential oils and customized natural aromas that bring natures’ fruit into a bottle. This collection is bursting with the aromas of fresh cut citrus fruits just plucked from the tree. Crisp red and green apples,luscious grapes, and wild berries are just some of the flavors you can experience in this collection.

House Warming –Choose a candle to snuggle up with a good book in this collection of yummy, sweet, home welcoming candles. Comfy candle aroma profiles that bring family together and help inspire happiness and inner warmth.

Citrus –Citrus is a sub category from our fruits collection, just for those who love the crisp citrus aroma candles. We have created a collection mix that includes only citrus fruits or citrus fruits with an added twist. These include citrus and herb blends, citrus and floral blends, or citrus and food inspired blends. Enjoy the many combinations from our citrus line that provide an uplifting, joy-provoking mood, each time you light one.

Holiday – What adds to the holiday cheer better than a delightful holiday candle aroma? We have captured the essence of all the holidays in our holiday collection. Choose one of our many warm and spicy fall aromas for Thanksgiving.Our Christmas collection offers a variety of candles including; the cranberry and spiced nutmeg, deep holiday evergreens, or the sweet mints. Don’t forget about our chocolate candle collection available for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Clean – We believe all of our candle aroma profiles put out a clean aroma due to the natural base ingredients, however, we created this category for people having a low tolerance for strong or heavy smelling perfume aromas. All our candles are inspired by nature’s aromas with the influence of outdoor locations like: a birch forest, spruce and pines, woods, meadows, fresh cut grass, fresh mountain air, or a breath of river water.