Southern Blaze Collection

What makes the Southern Blaze Collection so special?

Southern Blaze Collection offers a sweet southern flair as handmade and poured in a mason jar for repurposing and reusing. Southern Blaze candles have a 100% wooden wick for a fun, crackling sound along with a 100% cotton wick to allow for ease of lighting. We use 100% pure ingredients in all of our candles. Southern Blaze blend includes a coconut and soy blend with natural plant based essential oils and custom-made natural aromas. There are no harsh chemicals, dyes, lead or fragrances in our candles. In addition, you can use the wax as a body lotion which is especially wonderful when it’s spread on your skin. Dip your finger or spoon into the warm wax and massage onto your hands and skin for a warm, luscious, velvety feel. We are humbled to be able to offer our special candles to you. Candles with aromas inspired by the beauty and nature around us and ingredients created by the earth. Each special blend is combined in a jar to provide a moment in time that captures a memory, or provokes a past memory to enhance and uplift your life. Our desire is that our candles add to your special experiences, uplifts you, shifts a mood, or adds a little something special to your day.

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