Serene Sandalwood
Wood Wick Lotion Candle

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Aroma: Sweet sandalwood offers an exotic aroma that evokes feelings of pleasure. As an ancient herb, sandalwood has properties that are used for calming, sedation, and also as an aphrodisiac. Its aroma is alluring and praised for being warm, spicy, and rich. Some wear sandalwood as a perfume, and as a candle, your rooms will smell wonderfully beautiful.

Aromatic profile: earthy, sweet, perfume, spa scent

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2 reviews for Serene Sandalwood
Wood Wick Lotion Candle

  1. 5 out of 5

    Donna Newman

    Sandalwood is one of my favorite aromas. This candle captures the distinctive wood perfectly. I just love how this candle feels as a lotion too. I couldn’t believe you could use it as a lotion but I’ve been using it on my hands in the kitchen after cleaning and my skin feels so soft. Such a great idea. And I’m amazed at how long this candle is lasting. I use it every night for over a month and I still have half a candle left. Wonderful candle!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Oh Boy…so relaxing and similar to the smell in a zen spa. Feels incredible on my hands and feet. You can really tell the ingredients are very clean from the smell and texture after application.

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Aroma Strength:  medium/strong lasting until the end of the burn time

Size: 16oz Mason Jar, 13oz Wood Wick Lotion Candle

Specifications: Coconut & Soy blend wax with clean aromas

  • Aromas inspired by nature
  • Each candle is double wicked (wood & cotton) for ease of lighting
  • Wood wick crackle sound when lit
  • The candle can be used as a lotion

Lotion: To use as a lotion, once the wick is lit for a few minutes and the wax is warm, spoon out the warm wax to massage hands and feet…feels amazing.