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Clean burning, Carolina Pine Forest wood wick lotion candle by pure soaps and candles
Natural versus Synthetic Fragrance Natural versus Synthetic Fragrance is pretty simple.  Natural is elements produced by the earth.  Plants, bark, roots, grass, non-man made.  Synthetic
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New Impressive health benefits of Chickweed
Let me tell you how I have fallen in love with amazing herb due to the new impressive health benefits of chickweed. Most people think
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Surprisingly lye in soap is safe
Surprisingly lye in soap is safe, learn what is lye and how it works to make soap.  Lye gets a bad reputation in the marketplace. 
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Free Candle Resource Guide mason jar candles
Enjoy over 10 free candle guide ideas to learn about the varieties of candles that are right for your lifestyle. Candles have been used as
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benefits of Eucalyptus and Peppermint
There are several amazing health benefits of Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils that can be enjoyed in our top-selling Winter’s Night wood wick lotion candle. 
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18th-century pine tar is a holistic marvel used in natural soap
18th-century pine tar is a holistic marvel used in natural soap for good reason. Pine tar oil is probably nature’s best-added ingredient for soap. Pine
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Hack Fix Evergreen holiday candle
It’s the holidays: we travel, we buy gifts, we go to holiday parties, we get off schedule, and sometimes we mess up during this crazy
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Repurpose mason jars
Get new ideas for repurposing a Southern Blaze Candle Mason Jar. I love the idea of products that can be recycled and repurposed after it’s
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Dual Wick Candles
How to shop for candles with quality wicks is important when looking for a nice burning candle. A quality candle begins with its candlewick.  There
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How to relax
6 Tips to relax using aromatic candles is a practice. I have had to learn how to relax.  What I didn’t know about relaxing is
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coconut lime candle
To burn or Not to Burn a candle.  Have you ever found a special candle that you didn’t want to burn? Maybe you picked up
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Beware of lead candle wicks that are poisoning the clean air you breathe
Beware of lead candle wicks that are poisoning your air.  Are you burning lead candle wicks that might be poisoning the clean air you breathe?
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I love a beautiful smelling soap.  I really love the smell of naturally made goat milk bar soap.  Over the years I have researched what
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