How to use an all-natural lotion candle

How to use an all-natural lotion candle.  I suppose the first question to address for how to use an all-natural lotion candle is, “What is a Lotion Candle”?

A lotion candle is made up entirely of pure and natural ingredients that can be used as a lotion for the body. Using earth-made ingredients such as 100% soy, coconut, or beeswax as the wax base is an important start.  All the ingredients need to be natural which means using plant-based essential oils or natural aromas for the scent throw and not artificial fragrances.

Candles that include toxic ingredients like dyes to color their candles can’t be qualified as a lotion candle.  Also, the construction of the candle is important.  The wick should be of organic materials such as cotton or wood.  These materials do not include lead like foreign-made candles.  The container should also be a consideration.  A petro-chemical container like plastic can leach toxins into the wax making it dangerous for use as a lotion.  And any synthetic parabens or paraffin wax are not 100% natural and should never be used as a lotion candle.

How to use an all-natural lotion candle
How to use an all-natural lotion candle

Earth-made wax melting point make it ideal as a lotion

Earth-made waxes are ideal as a lotion because the melting point for soy and coconut blended wax is lower than paraffin wax.  By the way, paraffin wax is a petroleum-based product.  It originates from the slug or byproduct from gas distilleries.   Learn more on how paraffin wax is madeAnd the dangers of synthetic fragrance added to paraffin wax.

If you are using your finger be careful to keep from the wick’s flame or extinguish the candle. Then dip your finger into the warm pooled wax.

The melting point for the beeswax blend is a bit higher.  Beeswax is a harder wax and has a higher melting point. However, when the beeswax is blended with soy and coconut wax to make a lotion candle, the overall blended wax stays relatively the same as the blend for a lotion candle with just soy and coconut wax.

Using 100% all-natural earth-made wax candles as a lotion is highly moisturizing for your skin

When using 100% all-natural earth-made wax candles as a lotion the wax is highly moisturizing for your skin. Wax candles made by

How to use an all-natural lotion candle- Earth made wax lotion for hands
Learn how to use an all-natural lotion candle

Pure Soaps and Candles are clean, natural, safe, and highly moisturizing for your hands, feet, and body. The lotion candle provides moisturizing benefits from the steamed distilled essential oils. As you massage the warm wax into your skin, it feels luscious and silky smooth. It will be warm and velvety.  Happiness in a candle for you to enjoy both for its aroma and for skincare benefits.

To use the warm lotion you can dip a wooden stick or even your finger into the warm wax.  See our video on How to use an all-natural lotion candle here.

Here are 3 ways on how to use an all-natural lotion candle:

  • A beautiful candle with 100% natural ingredients that are safe and healthy
  • As a moisturizing lotion to rub onto hands and feet
  • As a massage lotion use a relaxing lavender scent to destress the body using the olfactory sense of smell while your massage therapist or significant other gently massages the wax from your lotion candle onto your body

Enjoy these benefits from earth made lotion candles

Enjoy these benefits from earth-made lotion candles including; ingredients that are high in antioxidants and antiseptic properties. Also enjoy the benefits of lotion high in vitamins and minerals like A, E, and K which are high in anti-aging properties.

If using a lotion candle with a beeswax blend, the wax lotion will provide anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. Beeswax also provides great nourishment for the skin and helps keep it free and clear of bacteria for your body to naturally heal and protect itself.  Northern Luminary Candles from Pure Soaps And Candles offers beeswax, coconut, and soy blended luxury lotion candles.

Using organic natural lotion allows your skin to breathe properly without clogging your pores.  And because the skin is the largest organ in your body, it becomes even more critical to properly care for your skin with all-natural, quality products.

Bonus, earth made wax candles are vegan and good for the environment.  They don’t contribute to air impurity.  This candle is safer for the environment, causes no harm to animals, or has been used in any way on animal testing.

No animal testing

Pure Soaps And Candles offer candles with a cause that are a fun way to use your candles for more than just the enjoyment of the aroma.  They provide a safe and clean moisturizing lotion for your body too.